Supporting local development by recognizing regional community assets.

A partnership between local colleges, health care systems, community foundations, governments, and social services. Centered in the Middle Susquehanna Valley - Lycoming, Clinton, Montour, Northumberland, Snyder, Columbia and Union Counties.

Capitalizing on

  • community assets
  • regional strengths
  • collaborative projects
  • the power of knowledge

Our Partners

The Central Susquehanna Valley Community Initiative is a partnership spanning the Central Susquehanna Region.

  • It brings together governmental units, charitable organizations, universities, and social service organizations. We work on projects that benefit organizations and communities.
  • It uses in kind resources from universities, community volunteers, government agencies, and social service organizations. Together we do provide information and research, provide learning experiences, and work on community projects where in kind contributions can provide leverage to bring in funding.
  • It supports leadership and action forums. We focus on problems that affect the whole region and where people from different parts of the Valley make different contributions. Recognition and support for regional efforts by leaders, communities, and large institutions is essential to build a regional action agenda.

Our Sponsors