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NAICS: 813110   Largest/examples X99 - Search X99 - Religion-Related N.E.C.

Use this code for organizations that clearly provide services relating to religion where a more specific code cannot be accurately assigned. Examples may include Unitarianism, Taoism, Sikhs, Zoroastrism, Atheism, Actualism, Theosophy, Bahaism and reference to miracles.

Key words: Actualism; Agnostics; Alchemy; Animism; Atheists; Bahai; Cao Dai; Confucian Temples; Confuscianism; Cults; Deists; Druids; Humanists; Jainism; Jewish Christians; Jews for Jesus; Messiah Yahshua; Messiah Yeshua; Messianic Congregations and Synagogues; Messianic Jews; Messianic Judaism; Mysticism; Native American Religions; Neo Paganism; Neo-Paganism; New Age; Pagans; Religious Cults; Rastafarianism; Rosicrucians; Scientology; Secular Humanism; Secular Humanism; Secularism; Shinto; Shirdi Sai; Sikhism; Spiritism; Spiritualism; Spiritualists; Spirituality; Taoism; Tenrikyo; Totemism; Transcendental Meditation; TM; Unification Church; Unitarian Universalist Church; Voodoo; Wiccan; Witchcraft; Zoroastrianism