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NAICS: 541710   Largest/examples: U50 - U5 - Search U50 - Biological & Life Sciences

Organizations that conduct research in the sciences which analyze the structure, function, growth, origin, evolution or distribution of living organisms and their relations to their natural environments.

Key words: Animal Anatomy; Animal Behavior Research; Animal Biology Research; Animal Physiology Research; Anatomy Research; Aquatic Biology Research; Biochemistry Research; Biogeography Research; Bioinformatics Research; Biological Oceanography Research; Biology Research; Biomathematics Research; Biophysics Research; Biotechnology Research; Botany Research; Cell Biology Research; Conservation Biology Research; Cultural Botany Research; Developmental Biology Research; Economic Botany Research; Embryology Research; Entomology Research; Environmental Biology Research; Ethnology Research; Ethology; Evolution Research; Fossil Research; Herpetology Research; Human Anatomy; Human Physiology; Ichthyology Research; Invertebrate Biology Research; Invertebrate Zoology Research; Limnology Research; Mammalogy Research; Marine Biology Research; Marine Science Research; Microbial Ecology Research; Microbiology Research; Molecular Biochemistry Research; Molecular Biology Research; Molecular Biophysics Research; Mycology Research; Neuroanatomy Research; Ornithology Research; Paleobiology Research; Paleotology Research; Photobiology Research; Physiology; Phytopathology Research; Plant Biology Research; Plant Pathology Research; Plant Physiology Research; Population Biology Research; Primatology Research; Radiation Biology Research; Radiobiology Research; Structural Biology Research; Systematic Biology Research; Vertebrate Biology Research; Vertebrate Zoology Research; Wildlife Biology Research; Zoology Research

See also: Marine Science & Oceanography