Core 1989-2013 PF Fiscal Year Trend

EINEmployer Identification NumberEmployer identification number.Beginning, sec.D
FisYrFiscal yearFiscal year (ending year)
STATEStateTwo-letter state abbreviation.
zip5Zip code, 5 digitsFirst 5 digits of zip code
FIPSState + County FIPS code2-digit State + 3-digit County FIPS code (Federal Information Processing Standard). See also U.S. Census Bureau State & County QuickFacts.
styearStart yearStart year when fiscal year began (yyyy)
TAXPEREnding date for tax periodEnding date for tax period of financial data. Core files for 1997 on are in "yyyymm" format (199412=Dec. 1994). Earlier years use 2-digit year ("9412").
outnccsOut of Scope flagOut-of-scope (IN/OUT) (see OUTREAS doc. for details)
OUTREASReason why out of scopeReason why out of scope
SUBSECCDSubsection codeIRS subsection code (03=501(c)(3), etc.)
ntmaj5Major subsectorMajor subsector (5)
ntmaj10NTEE major group (10)10 NTEE major groups
ntmaj12NTEE major group (12)12 NTEE major groups: ntmaj10 plus higher education (BH) and hospitals (EH)
NAICSNorth American Industrial ClasNorth American Industrial Classification System
MAJGRPBMajor NTEE groupMajor NTEE group plus hospitals and higher education
P1INTREVInterest - RevenueInterest on savings & temporary investments - Revenue, 990-PF ln.3
P1DIVIDDividendsDividends, 990-PF ln.44
P1NGASTSNet Gain from Sale of AssetsNet Gain from Sale of Assets4
P1GINVPFGross Profit (Loss)Gross Profit (Loss)4
P1OTHINCOther IncomeOther Income4
P1OFCOMPCompensation of OfficersCompensation of Officers4
p1tcontTotal contributionsTotal contributions, gifts, grants, etc.4
p1totrevTotal RevenueTotal revenue4
p1totexpTotal expensesTotal expenses4
P2TOTASTTotal Assets per BookTotal Assets per Book4
P1CONTPDContributions PaidContributions Paid4
P1EXCREVNet Income Loss DeficitNet Income Loss Deficit4
P1TEXMEXTotal Expenses - Exempt PurposTotal Expenses - Exempt Purpos4
P1NETINVNet Investment IncomeNet Investment Income4
P1NADINCAdjusted Net IncomeAdjusted Net Income4
P2GVTINVInvestments-US & State Govt ObInvestments-US & State Govt Ob4
P2CRPSTKInvestments - Corporate StockInvestments - Corporate Stock4
P2CRPBNDInvestments - Corporate BondsInvestments - Corporate Bonds4
P2TINVSCTotal Investments - SecuritiesTotal Investments - Securities4
P2TLIABLTotal LiabilitiesTotal Liabilities4
P2TASFMVTotal Assets at MarketTotal Assets at Market4
P1ADMEXPTot. adm. & operating exp.Total administrative and operating expenses4
RULEDATERuling date (YYYYMM) from IRSRuling date: year and month of IRS ruling or determination letter recognizing orgs exempt status (YYYYMM)4
FNDNCDReason for 501(c)(3) statusReason for & type of 501(c)(3) exempt status including codes for operating and grantmaking foundations, and broad type of public charity4
LEVEL1Public charity or priv. fndn?Public charity or private foundation?4
LEVEL2Reporting public charity groupReporting public charity groups.4
level3Major NTEE categoryMajor NTEE category4
level4NTEE-CC Major GroupNTEE-CC Major Group4
NTEEIRSNTEE assigned by IRSNTEE code assigned by IRS (includes NTEE-CC & XP codes)
randnumRandom number between 0 and 1Random number between 0 and 1 used for creating samples