* SOI 2010 990 Hospital Joint Ventures.

EIN "Employer identification number of Hospital (Page 1, Line D)"
FisYr "Fiscal year (ending year)"
NAME "Name of Organization filing Form 990 (Form 990, Page 1, Line C)"
STATE "Two-letter state abbreviation of Organization filing Form 990 (Form 990, Page 1, Line C(3))"
zip5 "First 5 digits of zip code of Organization filing Form 990 (Form 990, Page 1, Line C(4))"
SUBSECCD "Hospital IRS subsection code, e.g. 03=501(c)(3), etc. (Page 1, Line I)"
hospjnt_cnt "Number of management companies and joint ventures (number of rows in Part IV sub-table)"
jrow "Row Identification Number"
enty_name "Name of management company or joint venture"
descr_ent_prim_acty "Description of entity primary activity"
org_pft_or_ownr "Organization's profit percentage or stock ownership percentage"
ofcrs_etc_prft_or_ownr "Officers, Directors, trustees, or key employees' profit % or ownership %"
phys_prft_or_ownr "Physicians' profit percentage or stock ownership percentage"
SCPL "Service Center Cycle Page Line (unique identifier assigned by the IRS - used to match primary SOI record with related sub-table records)"

"18" "18- Employee funded pension trusts, providing benefits under a pension plan funded by employees..."
"40" "40- Apostolic and religious orgs. - 501(d)"
"16" "16- Cooperative organizations to finance crop operations, in conjunction with activities ..."
"19" "19- Post or organization of war veterans."
"50" "50- Cooperative Hospital Service Organization - 501(e)"
"15" "15- Mutual insurance cos. ar associations, providing insurance to members substantially at cost..."
"20" "20- Trusts for prepaid group legal services, as part of a qual. group legal service plan or plans."
"60" "60- Cooperative Service Org. of Operating Educ. Org.- 501(f)"
"14" "14- State-chartered credit unions, mutual reserve funds, offering loans to members..."
"21" "21- Black lung trusts, satisfying claims for compensation under Black Lung Acts."
"70" "70- Child Care Organization - 501(k)"
"13" "13- Cemetery companies, providing burial and incidental activities for members."
"04" "04- Civic leagues, social welfare organizations, and local associations of employees"
"71" "71- Charitable Risk Pool"
"12" "12- Benevolent life insurance associations, mutual ditch or irrigation companies, mutual or coop..."
"22" "22- Multiemployer Pension Plan"
"81" "81- Qualified State-Sponsored Tuition Program"
"11" "11- Teachers retirement fund associations."
"23" "23- Veterans association formed prior to 1880"
"82" "82- 527 Political Organizations"
"10" "10- Domestic fraternal societies and assoc's-lodges devoting their net earnings to charitable..."
"24" "24-Trust described in Section 4049 of ERISA"
"CO" "CO- Unspecified 501(c) Organization Other Than 501(c)(3)"
"09" "09- Voluntary employees' beneficiary ass'ns (including fed. employees' voluntary beneficiary..."
"25" "25- Title Holding Company for Pensions, etc"
"08" "08- Fraternal beneficiary societies and associations, with lodges providing for payment of life..."
"90" "90- 4947(a)(2) Split Interest Trust"
"07" "07- Social and recreational clubs which provide pleasure, recreation, and social activities."
"80" "80- Farmers' Cooperatives"
"06" "06- Business leagues, chambers of commerce, real estate boards, etc. formed to improve conditions..."
"91" "91- 4947(a)(1) Public Charity (Files 990/990-EZ)"
"05" "05- Labor, agricultural, horticultural organizations. These are eduactional or instruct. grps..."
"92" "92- 4947(a)(1) Private Foundations"
"03" "03- Religious, educational, charitable, scientific, and literary organizations..."
"93" "93- 1381(a)(2) Taxable Farmers Cooperative"
"02" "02- Title holding corporation for a tax-exempt organization."
"26" "26- State-Sponsored High Risk Health Insurance Organizations"
"01" "01- Corporations originated under Act of Congress, including Federal Credit Unions"
"27" "27- State-Sponsored Workers Compensation Reinsurance"
"17" "17- Supplemental unemployment benefit trusts, providing payments of suppl. unemployment comp..."

SPSS input statement lines

/FILE="c: emp.csv"
EIN a9
scpl a12
hospjnt_cnt f15.0
ZIP5 a5
SubSecCd a2
FisYr a4
name a60
state a2
jrow a3
enty_name a75
descr_ent_prim_acty a100
org_pft_or_ownr a5
ofcrs_etc_prft_or_ownr a5
phys_prft_or_ownr a5