* SOI 1998 990EZ c3.

EIN "Employer identification number."
NAME "Name."
STATE "State"
NTEE1 "NTEE major group (A-Z)"
zip5 "First 5 digits of zip code"
FIPS "2-digit State + 3-digit County FIPS code (Federal Information Processing Standard). See also U.S. Census Bureau State & County QuickFacts."
MSA_NECH "Metropolitan Statistical Area (NCCS file) (list)"
PMSA "Primary Metropolitan Statistical Area - the component areas that comprise a CMSA (76 PMSAs as of 1995). (list)"
EZ05 "Sample code"
EZ06 "Reject code"
EZ07_1 "Accounting period - year (End of year)"
EZ07_3 "Accounting period - month (Last month in year)"
EZ10 "Zip code"
EZ11 "Exemption/subsection number"
EZ12 "Part V Question 35(b)"
EZ13 "Part V Question 36"
EZ15 "Schedule A Part IV Status"
EZ17 "Contributions, gifts, grants"
EZ18 "Program service revenue"
EZ19 "Dues and assessments"
EZ20 "Investment income"
EZ21 "Gross amount from sale of assets"
EZ22 "Cost or other basis"
EZ23 "Gain (or loss)"
EZ24 "Gross revenue of special events"
EZ25 "Direct expenses"
EZ26 "Net income"
EZ27 "Gross sales"
EZ28 "Cost of goods sold"
EZ29 "Gross profit (loss)"
EZ30 "Other revenue"
EZ31 "Total revenue"
EZ32 "Grants paid"
S301 "Lobbying to influence public opinion"
S302 "Lobbying to influence legislative body"
S303 "Total lobbying"
S304 "Other exempt purpose expenditures"
S305 "Total exempt purpose expenditures"
S306 "Lobbying nontaxable amount"
S307 "Grassroots nontaxable amount"
S308 "Line 36 less line 42"
S309 "Line 38 less line 41"
EZ33 "Benefits paid to members"
EZ34 "Salaries and compensation"
EZ35 "Professional fees"
EZ36 "Occupancy, rent, utilities"
EZ37 "Printing, publications"
EZ38 "Other expenses"
EZ39 "Total expenses"
EZ40 "Excess (or deficit)"
EZ41 "Fund balance, beginning of year"
EZ42 "Other changes"
EZ43 "Fund balance, end of year"
EZ44 "Cash, savings, investments"
EZ45 "Land and buildings"
EZ46 "Other assets"
EZ47 "Total assets, beginning of year"
EZ48 "Total assets, end of year"
EZ49 "Total liabilities, beginning of year"
NTEESOI "NTEE assigned by IRS SOI Division."
EZ50 "Total liabilities, end of year"
EZ51 "Fund balance, beginning of year"
EZ52 "Fund balance, end of year"
S001 "Compensation (a)"
S002 "Contributions to employee benefit plans (a)"
S003 "Expense account and other allowances (a)"
S011 "Contributions to employee benefit plans (d)"
S012 "Expense account and other allowances (d)"
S013 "Compensation (e)"
S200 "Membership fees received - Column A"
S205 "Gross income - Column E"
S210 "Value of services furnished by government - Column A"
S215 "Total - Column E"
EZ201 "Number of uncompensated officers, etc."
EZ205 "Political expenditures"
C997 "Sample count"
C998 "Population count"
WEIGHT "Weight"
EZ206 "Was Form 1120-POL filed?"
EZ215 "Tax paid under section 4911"
EZ216 "Tax paid under section 4912"
EZ217 "Tax paid under section 4955"
EZ218 "Section 4958 excess benefit?"
EZ219 "Tax paid under section 4958"
EZ220 "Amount of 4958 tax reimbursed by organization"
EZ400 "Status code"
C004 "Document Locator Number used by the IRS"
RandNum "Random number between 0 and 1 used for creating samples"
C1001 "Editor code"
C1005 "Return year"
EZ1006 "SCPL"
EZ1007 "Generated sample code"
CMPCT "Compensation table count"
S004 "Compensation (b)"
S005 "Contributions to employee benefit plans (b)"
S006 "Expense account and other allowances (b)"
S007 "Compensation ( c)"
S008 "Contributions to employee benefit plans ( c)"
S009 "Expense account and other allowances ( c)"
S010 "Compensation (d)"
S014 "Contributions to employee benefit plans (e)"
S015 "Expense account and other allowances (e)"
S016 "Number of other employees paid > $30,000"
S197 "Expenses paid for legislative activities"
S198 "Gifts, grants, and contributions received - Column A"
S199 "Gifts, grants, and contributions received - Column E"
S201 "Membership fees received - Column E"
S202 "Gross receipts - Column A"
S203 "Gross receipts - Column E"
S204 "Gross income - Column A"
S206 "Net income from unrelated business activities - Column A"
S207 "Net income from unrelated business activities - Column E"
S208 "Tax revenues - Column A"
S209 "Tax revenues - Column E"
S211 "Value of services furnished by government - Column E"
S212 "Other income - Column A"
S213 "Other income - Column E"
S214 "Total - Column A"
S216 "Total (line 23) minus gross receipts - Column A"
S217 "Total (line 23) minus gross receipts - Column E"
S218 "1% of line 24"

"Y" "Yes"
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
"N" "No"
"M" "Public Safety"
"N" "Recreation, Sports, Leisure, Athletics"
"O" "Youth Development"
"P" "Human Services - Multipurpose and Other"
"Q" "International, Foreign Affairs, and National Security"
"A" "Arts, Culture, and Humanities"
"R" "Civil Rights, Social Action, Advocacy"
"B" "Education"
"S" "Community Improvement, Capacity Building"
"C" "Environmental Quality, Protection, and Beautification"
"T" "Philanthropy, Voluntarism, and Grantmaking Foundations"
"D" "Animal-Related"
"U" "Science and Technology Research Institutes, Services"
"E" "Health"
"V" "Social Science Research Institutes, Services"
"F" "Mental Health, Crisis Intervention"
"W" "Public, Society Benefit - Multipurpose and Other"
"G" "Diseases, Disorders, Medical Disciplines"
"X" "Religion Related, Spiritual Development"
"H" "Medical Research"
"Y" "Mutual/Membership Benefit Organizations, Other"
"I" "Crime, Legal Related"
"Z" "Unknown"
"J" "Employment, Job Related"
"" "Unknown"
"K" "Food, Agriculture, and Nutrition"
"L" "Housing, Shelter"

SPSS input statement lines

/FILE="c: emp.csv"
EZ02 a60
EZ03 a9
C004 a14
EZ05 a2
EZ06 a1
EZ07_1 a2
EZ07_3 a2
EZ09 a2
EZ10 a5
EZ11 a2
EZ12 a1
EZ13 a1
EZ15 a3
EZ17 f15.0
EZ18 f15.0
EZ19 f15.0
EZ20 f15.0
EZ21 f15.0
EZ22 f15.0
EZ23 f15.0
EZ24 f15.0
EZ25 f15.0
EZ26 f15.0
EZ27 f15.0
EZ28 f15.0
EZ29 f15.0
EZ30 f15.0
EZ31 f15.0
EZ32 f15.0
EZ33 f15.0
EZ34 f15.0
EZ35 f15.0
EZ36 f15.0
EZ37 f15.0
EZ38 f15.0
EZ39 f15.0
EZ40 f15.0
EZ41 f15.0
EZ42 f15.0
EZ43 f15.0
EZ44 f15.0
EZ45 f15.0
EZ46 f15.0
EZ47 f15.0
EZ48 f15.0
EZ49 f15.0
EZ50 f15.0
EZ51 f15.0
EZ52 f15.0
EZ201 f15.0
EZ205 f15.0
EZ206 a1
EZ215 f15.0
EZ216 f15.0
EZ217 f15.0
EZ218 a1
EZ219 f15.0
EZ220 f15.0
NTEE1 a4
EZ400 a1
C997 f15.0
C998 f15.0
C999 f15.0
C1001 a5
C1005 a2
EZ1006 a12
EZ1007 a2
CMPCT f15.0
S001 f15.0
S002 f15.0
S003 f15.0
S004 f15.0
S005 f15.0
S006 f15.0
S007 f15.0
S008 f15.0
S009 f15.0
S010 f15.0
S011 f15.0
S012 f15.0
S013 f15.0
S014 f15.0
S015 f15.0
S016 f15.0
S197 f15.0
S198 f15.0
S199 f15.0
S200 f15.0
S201 f15.0
S202 f15.0
S203 f15.0
S204 f15.0
S205 f15.0
S206 f15.0
S207 f15.0
S208 f15.0
S209 f15.0
S210 f15.0
S211 f15.0
S212 f15.0
S213 f15.0
S214 f15.0
S215 f15.0
S216 f15.0
S217 f15.0
S218 f15.0
S301 f15.0
S302 f15.0
S303 f15.0
S304 f15.0
S305 f15.0
S306 f15.0
S307 f15.0
S308 f15.0
S309 f15.0
NTEEconf a1
ein a9
name a70
state a2
weight f15.0
ZIP5 a5
NteeOldA a4
Confidence a1
MajGrpB a2
NtMaj10 a2
NteeSrc a4
OutNCCS a3
OutReas a1
Level1 a2
Level2 a1
Level3 a2
Level4 a1
NtMaj5 a2
NtMaj12 a2
RandNum f15.0
NteeOldB a5